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There has been no activity on this community for months, & not much for over a year, but in the hope of spurring things on a bit here's a collection of the fics about women I wrote in 2011.


Watching Bridges Burn (Buffy/Faith, PG-13, ~570 words)

Devil Wears Prada
Architecture in Wool and Silk (Andy/mystery admirer, PG-13, ~5400 words)

Harry Potter
The Way They Held Their Eyes (Ginny/Harry/Draco, NC-17, ~3300 words)
Going Up (Griselda Marchbanks/Amelia Bones, PG, 800 words)
Seven Ways to Commit a Murder Mrs Zabini/husbands, NC-17, ~7300 words) Warnings: lots of character death, including references to the death of a real person; graphic violence; domestic violence; (mostly offscreen) sexual abuse of a child; irresponsible BDSM; breathplay; electrical play.
Seven Arts of Self-Defense (Mysteries of Attraction Mashup) (James/Lily, implied Neville/the giant squid, PG-13, ~1900 words)
Five Shots of Firewhiskey (Destiny is a Barkeep Remix) (Angelina/Katie, PG-13, ~220 words)
Escape Routes for a Stormy Night (Amelia Bones/Poppy Pomfrey, R, ~5300 words) Warnings: character death.
That'll Show Them (Pansy/Ginny, R, ~3300 words)
Just One Breath After Another (Dorcas/Marlene, R, ~400 words) Warnings: character death.
Under Different Stars (Luna/Tonks, R, ~2200 words)
Gladrags and Ghouls (Pansy/Luna, PG, 200 words)
A Process of Elimination (Harry/Ron/Hermione, NC-17, 1000 words)
Most Valuable Player (Pansy/Ginny, NC-17, ~1700 words) Warnings: underage sex (Ginny is 15 & Pansy is 16/17)
Never Pure and Rarely Simple (Pomona Sprout/Xiomara Hooch, Pomona/Narcissa, hints of Pomona/Bellatrix, NC-17, 3400 words) Warnings: Dubcon, torture, graphic violence, kidnapping, knifeplay, bondage, orgasm control, begging, & voyeurism


To Adorn You In My Finest (Friend is a Four Letter Word Mix) (Gwen/Morgana, mild R, ~2000 words)
The Ground Under Your Feet, chapter 1 (previous Gwen/Morgana, PG, ~1600 words)

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This is my first ever attempt at fanfic... I am hoping to write more chapters to the story, but it hasn't happened yet.

Title:  Betrayal
Author: [personal profile] [personal profile] ettegoom<input ... ><input ... >
Fandom/pairing: The Matrix - Trinity/Niobe, Trinity/Neo, also includes Morpheus, Cas, Tank & Lock
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Other content: None
Wordcount: 957
Summary: Trinity learns the pain of betrayal. 
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Authors notes: Thanks to [personal profile] factioncat for the Beta.

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When I stopped to count, it turned out that I've written a lot of stories about female characters since the start of 2010. So, alphabetically by fandom, here are the fifteen stories I've written about women this year!

My warnings policy & spoilers policy are explained here. All the fics rated R or NC-17 contain depictions of explicit f/f sex, and many of them contain kink content. More information is contained in the headers to each story, but I opted for the compressed version here. For what it's worth, I've starred my favourites ;-)

The Demon's Lexicon
Sweet to tongue and sound to eye (Mae/Sin, R) Warning: Sex between characters in their late teens, sex while under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

The Devil Wears Prada
Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather (hints of Emily/Andy, PG-13)

* What a Million Girls Would Kill For (Emily-centric, Emily/OFC, PG-13)

Harry Potter
A Love Story in Five Drabbles (Hermione/Ginny, PG)

* A Succession of Brief, Amazing Moments (Helga/Rowena, R)

Call it Education (Minerva/Griselda Marchbanks, R)

* Dear Headmistress McGonagall (Pansy gen, G)

One night, but there's no need to stand (Ginny/anon women, NC-17)

A Job with Benefits (Hooch/Pomfrey, R) Warning: sexual contact whilst asleep / unconscious

Summer Days & Dragonflies (Ginny/Luna, mild R) Warning: brief, non-graphic references to the torture in DH

Merlin & Merlin RPF

Centre of Gravity (Gwen/Morgana, R) Minor spoilers for Merlin season 1

Not a Courtly Romance (Angel/Katie RPF, R) Minor spoilers for Merlin season 1

Secrets, Lies & Silence (Gwen/Morgana, PG) Major spoilers for Merlin seasons 1 & 2.

The Spice of Life
(Gwen/Morgana, NC-17)

A fetching shade of pink (Gwen/Morgana, R)
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Title: Through The Glass Surface
Fandom: Shediao Yingxiong Zhuan
Character: Mei Chaofeng
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 854
Summary: She takes the loss of her sight and her love in stride, because life can only go on.
Note: No spoilers, unless you don't know who Mei Chaofeng is.
Shediao Yingxiong Zhuan © Jin Yong, et al.

Through The Glass Surface
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So, basically, the object of this community is to commit to writing, drawing, vidding or otherwise producing creative work for 10 stories featuring women, preferably within a year.

The community user info has more details. For now, this is just to welcome you all and be a catch-all for any questions / comments / suggestion you might have!

I am working on compiling together a list of resources for people who want to educate themselves and find voices and support regarding the many diverse identity groups we're encouraging you to write about. If you have any suggestions for what you think should be on the list, please email me or drop me a comment here!

Thank you! I am excited :D


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